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Computer Systems Engineering

Computer systems can be found everywhere: inside a mobile phone, at a hospital bedside, and inside your TV, washing machine and games consoles. Students of Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Essex explore how this works – what is needed to convert machines and machinery into useful computing. We’re for people who want to figure out what goes on inside the box.

Important facts of Computer Systems Engineering

Courses include:

  • Team Project Challenge
  • Mathematics for Computing
  • Programming with C
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Network Fundamentals
  • Digital Electronic Systems
  • Digital Systems

Fulltime duration:
36 months

Study start date:
2024-10-03 (Every year in October)

Application deadline:
2024-06-30 (Every year in June)

Tuition fees:

  • GBP 22750 /year (international)
  • GBP 9250 /year (national)


  • Industrial & Systems Engineering
  • Computer Sciences
University of Essex

University of Essex

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