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The department of Literature at University of Essex offers a distinctively comparative approach to the study of literature; at Essex you don’t just study English literature, you study world literature in English. You explore Literature across time, geography, and genre, combining scholarly research with innovative, practical ways of engaging with texts.

Important facts of Literature

Courses include:

  • The New Nature Writing
  • Writing the Novel
  • Memory Maps: Practices in Psychogeography
  • Oulipian Practice
  • The Modern City: From Modernism to Postmodernism
  • United States Nationalism and Regionalism

Fulltime duration:
12 months

Study start date:
2024-10-03 (Every year in October)

Application deadline:
2024-09-02 (Every year in September)

Tuition fees:

  • GBP 21700 /year (international)
  • GBP 10000 /year (national)


  • Literature
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